About the author

portrait_stephan_rothHi, my name is Stephan Roth, and I’m living with my son Maximilian and my wife Caroline in Bad Schwartau, a spa in the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

I’m coach, consultant and trainer for Systems and Software Engineering with German consultancy company oose Innovative Informatik eG located in Hamburg.

Before I joined oose, I worked for many years as a software developer, software architect and systems engineer in the field of radio reconnaissance and communication intelligence systems. I’ve developed sophisticated applications, especially in a high performance system environment, and graphical user interfaces using C++ and other programming languages.

Furthermore I’m an active supporter of the Software Craftsmanship movement. I am concerned with principles and practices of Clean Code Development (CCD).

You can follow me on Twitter (@_StephanRoth), Google+ (http://gplus.to/sro), or you can send me a request for contact on Linkedin.

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