The next release is coming out soon

Dear readers,
and dear prospective readers,

calendar-icon-01-04the waiting has an end: after a few minor updates with bug fixes and small enhancements during the past few weeks, the next major release of my book Sustainable Software Development With Clean C++ is scheduled to be released on January 4, 2015.

As always, the upcoming release will have various extensions of existing chapters. Especially the chapter on object-orientation is further completed. Still open is whether the chapter on object-oriented design patterns will be included in an early version.

santa-claus-rudolphOnce again, I would like to say Thank You for many meaningful feedbacks I’ve received in the past! It has helped me to improve the book, and to adapt the content to readers’ needs.

Special Christmas Offer: From December 24, 2014 until January 1, 2015 the book can be purchased at a reduced price! Please visit the books landing page on Leanpub during this time span and take the chance.

A merry Christmas to you all and the best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.


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