Dear readers,

I am happy to inform you that the third version of my book Sustainable Software Development With Clean C++ is finished and published now on Leanpub. I would be very pleased if you would purchase it.

3d_book_viewAs of today, the book is finished to about 50%. The book now has almost 130 pages (A4). Especially the chapter on Basics Of Clean C++ has undergone some improvements and extensions. I considered the feedback of some readers for improving miscellaneous parts of the book. Many thanks for that!

Once again, thank you for reading my book. The next update will be published soon. To stay informed, please follow @susodevcpp on Twitter.

Thank you!

Stephan Roth (Author)

Next release: August 24th, 2014

Dear readers,
and dear prospective readers,

calendar-icon-08-24the release of the next version of my book Sustainable Software Development With Clean C++ is scheduled for August 24th. Unfortunately, this is a little later than originally planned. Vacations and other important things have caused that I couldn’t move forward as intended. I apologize for the waiting, but the 24th of August is settled now.

The upcoming release will have various extensions of existing chapters. The chapter on object-orientation, that was added with the last release, is further completed. Similarly, the sub-chapters about functions. Furthermore, first feedbacks from readers will be taken into consideration. At this point I would like to say Thank You for many meaningful feedbacks about my book I’ve received in the past!

For the future it is planned that the distances between releases are shortened.

Kind regards,