A new and updated version of Sustainable Software Development With Clean C++ was recently published on Leanpub. The book consists now of 119 pages, and more than 34,000 words. In addition to numerous improvements to existing chapters, a new chapter on object-orientation has been added.

3d_book_viewYou can purchase and download the new release in three different formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) from the books landing page on Leanpub. Those who have already bought the book can download this update at no additional cost.

As of today, the book is finished to about 40%. The price remains constant. The minimum price is currently $11.90, the suggested price is $15.90. With increasing degree of completion in the future, the price will slightly increase from time to time. All buyers will be able to download all future updates for free!

Enjoy the read. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.